The Midgard Project

Providing tools for a better Web since 1999

Midgard is a free software community aiming to build content repositories useful for synchronized desktop, mobile and web applications. Since 1999, the project has been releasing both the content repository library itself, and also many useful tools around it, like web frameworks for PHP and Python.

The community is fully volunteer-driven, with individuals and multiple companies working together to build useful common infrastructure.


Web Frameworks

  • Midgard MVC

    Component-oriented web framework for PHP »

  • MidCOM

    Tightly coupled PHP framework and CMS for Midgard »

Content Repositories

  • Midgard2

    Generic Content Repository for Web and Desktop applications »

  • Midgard1

    Legacy Web Content Repository for PHP »

  • Midgard2 PHPCR

    Standard PHP Content Repository implementation »

Midgard is part of the Decoupled Content Management movement and works actively with many related communities like GNOME, Symfony CMF, and the IKS project.

Read more about the community's background on Wikipedia or follow the development on GitHub.